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Up to Date Patient Education Glossary

For up to date patient education resources we recommend the LINK HERE. It is a great resource for up to date medical education for you and your family.


Common Pediatric Questions and Answers

Back to basics: How to Avoid Unnecessary ER Visits

A high fever, a deep cut, a wheezing cough, a painful sprain. These are the type of conditions that send a panicked parent to the emergency room. But is a trip to the hospital really necessary? Maybe. Maybe not. Often, a parent can avoid the time, expense and trauma of a trip to the ER by staying calm and effectively communicating with their child's pediatrician or staff.

Q: How does a pediatrician help keep my child out of the ER?


Read more: Common Pediatric Questions and Answers



Pediatrics with a Family Touch

With over 60 years of combined experience, Helgemo & Liou Pediatrics are committed to serving the healthcare needs of your children.

From birth through adolescence, we provide up-to-date, quality care for your child's complete health and well-being. Whether visiting for a routine checkup, injury or an everyday illness, your child will receive exceptional care.

Our pediatricians are board-certified. Our pediatricians, Physician Assistants, nurse practitioners and highly qualified staff have been providing health care to children and adolescence in Charlotte, Sarasota, and Desota County since 1996.